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Sprūds: Germany can expect very hard compromises coming after elections

Andris Sprūds/youtube.com.
Germany can expect heavy compromises after the recent elections, said director of Latvia’s Foreign Policy Institute Andris Sprūds in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

He says election results of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s represented Christian Social Union turned out worse than the previous Bundestag elections in 2013. Nevertheless, CSU has achieved previously predicted result between 30% and 40%. Sprūds adds that it will be interesting to watch the formation of the new coalition.

The positive outcome of Germany’s parliamentary elections lies in the fact that it is likely the government will be formed from pro-European parties in spite of different views among parties that have made it to the parliament.

As it is known, Angela Merkel’s conservative party won in the Bundestag elections in Germany with 33% of votes. Social democrats, on the other hand, received 20.5% of votes.

Alternative for Germany party of euro-sceptics who oppose immigration received 12.6% of votes. This allowed the party to enter the Bundestag for the first time.

The Free Democratic Party, which received 10.75% of votes, will return to the Bundestag. Die Linke left-wing populist party received 9.2% of votes, whereas The Greens received 8.9% of votes.

Social democrats have already announced their plans to work in opposition.

If social democrats do not change their mind, Merkel will have only one choice for coalition partners – FDP and The Greens.

Such a triumvirate has never existed in Germany. Its formation, considering major ideological differences, may require serious compromises. Because of that, formation of the coalition may take a long time.


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