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Rinkēvičs: UN Security Council’s work on preventing mass crimes is ineffective

Edgars Rinkēvičs/flickr.com.
«Unfortunately, the veto right privilege of countries represented in the UN Security Council is often abused, which results in paralysis of the council’s work,» says Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs.

According to him, the UN Security Council’s inability to act to prevent or end genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes is a challenge for all UN member states.

Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry reminds that Edgars Rinkēvičs participated in the high level discussion about prevention of mass crimes 72nd UN General Assembly in New York on 22 September.

Rinkēvičs notes: «Latvia strongly supports two mutually supportive initiatives that are aimed at securing effective responsibility of the Security Council: France/Mexico initiative, which provides for voluntarily limiting the use of veto right for countries represented in the UN Security Council in situations related to mass crimes, and UN Accountability, Coherence and Transparency Group’s proposed good behaviour code for all UN Security Council member states to not vote ‘against’ in such situations.»

Rinkēvičs also voiced Latvia’s support for International Criminal Court and emphasized the importance for the UN Security Council to turn to this institution if there is proof of mass crimes in some country and the country in question does not cooperate with the court or punish those responsible for crimes.

«If a country refuses to extradite those responsible for crimes to the International Criminal Court, the council should consider the option of handing the case to the court. At the same time, the council should invite countries to fulfil their commitments and fight against lawlessness in relation to the most severe crimes,» the minister said.

«By performing timely involvement and preventive diplomacy, the Security Council can motivate governments to resolve problems and reduce risks before mass violence takes place,» said the minister in conclusion.


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