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KNAB launched seven separate corruption cases in healthcare in last three years

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau submitted to the prosecutor’s office a total of seven criminal processes regarding corruption in Latvia’s healthcare system in the last three years.

In 2015, KNAB investigator asked the prosecutor’s office to commence criminal prosecutor of a doctor – a cardiologist – for an attempt to accept a bribe, support of fraud and document forging. The investigator also requested criminal prosecution against one more person for fraud. KNAB had also launched a criminal process against seven people for requesting and accepting a bribe.

Last year, KNAB launched a criminal process for requests and acceptance of illegal benefits and negligence of officials.

Another criminal process was launched this year in relation to bribery. One person is involved in this case.

Another criminal process regarding organization and acceptance of bribes was launched this year against three people.

KNAB investigator requested criminal prosecution of several hospital workers for forging documents and other crimes.

KNAB notes that a report on corruption risks in healthcare was developed in 2012. In this report, KNAB concluded that monitoring of corruption, fraud and conflict of interest in healthcare are performed inefficiently and that control mechanisms are too weak to uncover corruption risks.

In the report, KNAB provided more than 50 recommendations to Healthcare Ministry, healthcare institutions and other entities to help reduce corruption risks.

Since 2013, KNAB performed more than 15 seminars with different institutions of this sector, including Healthcare Ministry, Health Inspectorate, National Health Service, Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital, Traumatology and Orthopedics Hospital, and others.

KNAB continues cooperating with Healthcare Ministry. It is thanks to this cooperation that special guidelines for reduction of corruption risks were developed and approved in 2013. The ministry developed proposals for introduction of said guidelines in 2014.


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