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Authorities apprehend criminal group that caused 1.7 million euros worth of damage to the state

Photo: flickr.com/Valsts policija.
Latvian State Revenue Service’s Finance Police in cooperation with State Police anti-terrorism unit Omega neutralized a criminal group that specialized in VAT fraud and money laundering, as confirmed by SRS representative Evita Teice-Mamaja.

She says that the criminal group caused damages to the state budget worth at least EUR 1.7 million over the course between January 2016 and August 2017. Nine individuals have been declared suspects. The most important evidence was found in a secret stash located in the criminal group’s main office.

As part of the criminal process, SRS Finance Police performed 27 searches in Riga and Jelgava on 5 September. Evidence and money (EUR 95,000) were found and confiscated during those searches. In addition, officers also found and confiscated contraband cigarettes and firearms.

Investigators also located the criminal group’s secret office and performed a search in it. Among the evidence found in the secret office were detailed plans for illegal schemes and names of businesses involved in illegal schemes, fictive company code calculators, banks cards, seals, phones and a large number of documents detailing fictive transactions.

«It was uncovered in the criminal process that the criminal group formed entire networks of fictive companies with intention to avoid payment of taxes and legalize illegally obtained finances. The criminal group was active in multiple different fields – cargo transportation on roads, wholesale trade of spare parts for cars, security system and personal security services and others,» says Teice-Mamaja.

The criminal process was launched in accordance with Part 2 of Section 218 and Part 3 of section 195 of the Criminal Law.

In the interest of the investigation, no additional information is released.


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