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Multiple Latvian deputies stand in favour of education only in state language

Image: skolas.lv.
Coalition partners are prepared to consider National Alliance’s possible proposal for a transition to education only in state language.

If the majority of Saeima members support Latvian President Raimonds Vējoņis’ initiative to stop providing non-citizen status to children born in Latvia, the National Alliance promises to come forth with the aforementioned initiative.

Unity’s Saeima faction leader Solvita Āboltiņa notes that a road map could be prepared for the transition to provide Latvian language the decisive role in education and make sure there are no questions about the way to integrate people without knowledge of the language.

Augusts Brigmanis, head of Saeima faction of the Union of Greens and Farmers, says the proposal for education only in state language will be evaluated only once has been officially submitted for review. When asked about UGF’s view on the current language regulations in the education system, Brigmanis said there is no reason to change the current order, which provides mandatory exams for students in Latvian language.

If the Saeima approves Vējoņis’ proposal, the National Alliance will submit amendments to the law and ask discussion of the matter at the next meeting of the ruling coalition parties.

The National Alliance’s proposed legislative draft provides for the principle – education should be performed in state language and resolution of terms and deadlines should be entrusted to the government. If the president’s proposal does not receive the majority of votes in the Saeima, there will not be a reason to discuss those matters.


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