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Judins says parliamentary committee «is going nowhere»

Andrejs Judins/flickr.com/Saeima.
The work performed by Saeima’s investigative committee in charge of oligarch case does not fit the established goal to investigate and analyse possible state capture, says member of the committee and Unity’s Saeima faction Andrejs Judins.

He admits that the committee is divided: one side has him and deputy Ritvars Jansons from the National Alliance and the rest of the committee is on the other side.

The majority of members do not understand their primary goal – investigating and analysing signs of state capture, because they think it is enough to listen to presentations and close meetings without discussions, says Judins. This is why the politician is positive that his public proposal for discussions has been heard by the committee’s chairperson Inguna Sudraba and that she has decided to hold a discussion on conclusions made so far at the next meeting.

The politician notes that some members are completely disinterested in committee’s work. Judins says he does not understand how it is possible to work if a member of the committee does not take the time to go to the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau to go through materials of the case the committee has been tasked with analysing. Parliamentary committee’s member Igors Pimenovs was asked if he gone through materials of the criminal process. Pimenovs responded by saying that he first wishes to focus on documents from the operative case.

Judins also doubts the committee’s work can even progress at all, because investigation is being wasted on interviews of publicist Imants Liepiņš and businessman Edgars Jansons. These two, according to Judins, have taken up roles as lawyers for oligarch talks and waste precious time during meetings to discuss unrelated matters, which does not help investigate matters actually associated with the case at all, says the politician.

Considering this situation, the politician has serious doubts the committee’s work will come to anything in the end. After going through materials of the case, Judins got the serious impression there are clear signs of state capture. Indirect facts show that the opportunity to influence state decision in favour of personal and group interests was used, Judins adds.

He emphasizes that instead of listening to presentations, members of the committee should interview people involved in the case. The committee’s current work does not fit its purpose, the politician concluded.


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