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KNAB commences criminal process in state institution’s service

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has commenced a criminal process for, possibly, illegal activities in a state institution service.

KNAB and State Border Guard had detained employees of the State Education Content Centre as part of a criminal process. Those employees are suspected of providing desired state language category to persons in exchange for material wealth an in circumvention of the order stated in regulations, as reported by the bureau.

Such behaviour provided third country nationals with an opportunity to receive legal rights to stay in Latvia and other EU member states.

Five persons are declared suspects and ten have been provided with status of a person under criminal process.

KNAB has also commenced two criminal processes in relation to possible corruptive activities performed by employees of Riga Eastern University Hospital.

One criminal process has been launched in accordance with Part 2 of Section 362.2 of the Criminal Law. One person is a suspect. Security measures not associated with limitation of freedom have been applied, KNAB explains.

Another criminal process has been launched in accordance with Part 2 of Section 320, Section 20 and Section 323 of the Criminal Law. Two persons are suspects in the criminal process and one more person is provided with status of a person in a criminal process. Security measures not involving limitation of freedom have been applied.

In the interest of the investigation, no additional information is provided at this time.


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