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KNAB once again uncovers possible corruption at Eastern Clinical University Hospital

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has commenced criminal process regarding possible case of corruption at Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital, according to information from LETA.

KNAB has detained at least one person in this case.

As reported by Healthcare Ministry’s representative Oskars Šneiders, the ministry refrains from commenting on this situation until KNAB provides official information.

This is not the first time KNAB has taken an interest in this hospital. In April, the prosecutor’s office submitted a criminal case investigated by KNAB to Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court. Six employees were accused of illegally accepting benefits from patients. The prosecutor’s office believes there are 20 episodes in the criminal case. The estimated extent of the damages caused to the hospital is EUR 12,000.

The prosecutor submitted the criminal case against six employees of the hospital’s Diagnostic Radiology Centre and another hospital employee.

Medical staff, circumventing the established patient registration order, performed magnetic resonance imaging for 121 patients, causing losses worth no less than EUR 12,396.45 to the hospital.

The case will be viewed by the court on 7 March 2018.

Last year, there was a scandal involving then the Healthcare Minister Guntis Belēvičs and the head of Latvian Oncology Centre Viesturs Krūmiņš.

The case was launched in regards to Belēvičs’ possible violation – circumventing the patient queue at LOC. Belēvičs stepped down from his post after this scandal. KNAB ended the criminal process in autumn 2016.

Several years ago, KNAB also commenced a criminal process for corruptive activities at P. Stradins Clinical University Hospital. The Prosecutor General’s Office commenced criminal prosecution of the hospital’s employees, who, according to charges, had prepared an excuse for a Danish citizen as to why he did not show up to a session of the Supreme Court in regards to his extradition to Germany. Allegedly he paid EUR 5,000 for the document.

In 2013, news was reported about KNAB performing a search in the office of then the chairperson for the hospital Rūta Valtere. She stands accused of abuse of official power.


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