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Smiltēns may cooperate with another party to participate in Saeima elections

Edvards Smiltēns/vienotiba.lv.
The now former Unity member Edvards Smiltēns does not exclude the possibility of cooperating with any existing Saeima party to participate in upcoming elections.

As reported by Diena, Society for Positive Changes will discuss plans for the future this week. One of the variants on the table is foundation of a new party. However, Smiltēns believes it is necessary to consolidate political forces, not create new ones. This is why a different option is in consideration – Society for Positive Changes may sign a cooperation agreement with some party prior to Saeima elections to delegate candidates, «which would be better from the opinion of state interests».

Smiltēns did not mention which party he may cooperate with. He only said that he has spoken with multiple parties. The association currently has around 50 members, some of whom are former Unity members.

Diena reminds that Latvian Association of Regions is currently in search of a new chairman following Mārtiņš Bondars’ decision to step down. One of its leaders, Babīte Municipality chairman Andrejs Ence told Diena that LRA will find its new leader once consolidation of regional parties is complete. Ence said he does not know Smiltēns personally.

For Latvia’s Development party’s board member Edgars Jaunups knows Smiltēns well – the two were in the same party in the past, after all. On Wednesday, 13 September, For Latvia’s Development will organize a discussion of a cooperation platform for the upcoming Saeima elections. According to Jaunups, it would have to become an alternative for the Union of Greens and Farmers.

Another former Unity member, Valdis Šakars, is determined to found a new party as well. When asked to mention any names he would like to see in the core of his new party, he said the people he has in mind are not well-known. He added that Smiltēns would not be able to join his party because it will not have any former politicians at all. «We do not and will not have any old faces,» he says. When asked to mention at least some of the founders, Šakars mentioned Ritvars Tauriņš, who represents a small businessmen club and doctor Aldis Doļģis.


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