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International manhunt announced for Germans Milušs

Germans Milušs (l)/LTV.
Latvian prosecutor’s office has received information from Cyprus that Latvian businessman Germans Milušs, who stands accused of bribery during 2005 municipal elections in Jurmala, did not show up for the court hearing. A manhunt has been announced.

Interpol received work from Nicosia that Milušs failed to show up at the 5 September court hearing. Authorities decided to put him under arrest. The manhunt has been announced to do just that, says the public relations specialist of the prosecutor’s office handling the case Una Rēķe.

This means Milušs is now a fugitive both on a national level in Cyprus and international level.

The two previous court hearings were cancelled as a result of Milušs’ disappearance.

Milušs’ attorney in Latvia Jeļena Kvjatkovska says her client’s defence in Cyprus is provided by a state attorney and that all questions should be directed to him. Unfortunately, the attorney in question remains quiet, as he does not answer phone calls, text messages and e-mails.

Kvjatkovska does note that she remains in charge of her client’s defence, and that she will continue doing that in Latvia in relation to the possible decision to turn to the European Court of Human Rights.

An international manhunt was organized for Germans Milušs on 23 April 2007. He was later caught in Larnaca. Shortly after, Latvian Prosecutor General’s Office commenced settling formalities for his extradition to Latvia.

Cyprus news agency CAN had previously reported that the 54-year-old Germans Milušs was arrested in August, when he arrived on board an evening flight from Moscow. Customs officers found that Interpol is looking for him and decided to arrest him.

Cyprus court in Larnaca declared that for Milušs to be extradited to Latvia there is no need to keep him under arrest. The court applied other security measures not associated with limitation of freedom, Kvjatkovska previously said.

Latvian media had previously reported that after fleeing Latvia, Milušs found refuge in Russia and may have taken the country’s citizenship.

Zemgale Regional Court found former BMW trader Milušs, former Jurmala Mayor Juris Hlevickis and then the deputy candidate Gvido Harijs Volburgs guilty of giving a bribe to then the Jurmala City Council deputy Ilmars Ancans in exchange for him voting in favour of Hlevickis in the vote for the next chairman of the city council.

Hlevickis and Milušs were sentenced to five years in prison with confiscation of property, Volbrugs – to three years in prison with a three year probation period. The bail paid by Milušs’ wife – LVL 20,000 – has been transferred to the State Treasury.

Milušs did attend the first instance court hearings, but he was not present when the court announced the ruling.

In March 2015, Nekā personīga programme reported that Milušs was allegedly in Russia. State Police Main Criminal Office’s International Cooperation Bureau informed Zemgale Regional Court that Milušs declared his place of residence in Russia. Prosecutor General’s request to extradite him did not come through because Milušs has accepted Russian citizenship.


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