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Small wages – one of the main reasons for emigration

Small wages and inability to find work are two of the main reasons why Latvian residents decide to emigrate to other countries, according to results of a study performed by SKDS and Latvian Alternative Financial Services Association.

«Politicians and the media often speculate about the reasons behind emigration. To correctly analyse the situation, we have performed a survey with help from SKDS,» says head of Latvian Alternative Financial Services Association Gints Aboltins.

The main reason why residents decide to live and work in other countries is that the wage level of Latvia is too low, according to 48% of respondents. 22% mentioned their friends and acquaintances failed to find work in Latvia. 8% mentioned better living conditions in other countries. 6% said their friends had accumulated considerable debt before their respective banks.

According to results of the survey, 91% of Latvian respondents aged 18 to 74 know at least one person who relocated to a different country for life and work. Looking at answers provided by residents from different demographic groups, results reveal that residents who have at least one friend, relative or acquaintance that live and works abroad are more common in Latgale than anywhere else in the world.

The survey was performed at the beginning of August. 1,003 residents took part in this survey.


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