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Several streets in Riga to be given new names

Riga City Council/flickr.com.
Riga City Council’s City Development Committee has supported giving new names to nine of the Latvian capital’s streets. The final decision on new names will be made at the next meeting of the city council.

Following a proposal from Gen. Peteris Radzins Association, it is planned to give a new name – Gen. Radzins Embankment – to the portion from Krasta Street stretching from 13 January street to Jezusbaznicas Street. General Peteris Voldemars Radzins (1880-1930) was the one who planned and supervised the operation to liberate Riga. This operation concluded with Bermont-Avalov forces being driven from Riga on 11 November 1919, as noted by representatives of Riga City Council.

A proposal from Latgalian Culture Association suggests renaming the portion of Kengaraga Street stretching from Austuves Street to Maskavas Street in Riga Latgale District as Franca Trasuna Street. F.Trasuns was an outstanding politician who dedicated his life to protect Lagalian language and culture.

It is also planned to rename the portion of Bikernieku Street stretching from Bikernieku Gatve all the way to Bikernieku Street track as Vilis Gelbes Street. V.Gelbe was a navy lieutenant and Limbazi Commandant. Died a hero’s death in Latvia’s liberation fights in 1919, Riga City Council explains.

Mežaparka residence proposes giving names to several new streets located on New Mezaparks territory. In the quarter between Koknese Prospect and Klaipeda Street, there will be Kelnes Street, Georgs Kufalta Street and Jauna Mezaparks Street. Georgs Kufalts’ name will be immortalized because he dedicated 34 years of his life developing parks in Riga at the end of the 19th century. It is also proposed to extend Klaipedas Street until Janua Mezaparks Street.

A proposal from Latvian Deaf Society suggests renaming the final stretch of Pales Street from Juglas Street to Braila Street as Braila Street.

The committee also approved the proposal to give Andrejostas Street’s name to the nameless red line section and liquidate Andrejostas Street’s name for all street sections outside red lines.


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