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Number of members of Par! movement continues to increase

Daniels Pavluts/flickr.com/Frank-Jurgen Richter.
The current number of members of Par! movement is 316. This number may reach 500 in the coming months, which is needed to participate in Saeima elections, says board member Andulis Zidkovs.

On Thursday, 31 August, Par! movement accepted 19 new members and decided on a modern work strategy for the movement.

«New members will be involved in activities of the movement using modern technologies,» says the movement’s manager Daniels Pavluts.

He notes that modern technologies will improve accessibility, involvement of members, democratic participation and voluntary work. «Meetings with members continue in the office. The board’s meeting s will be open for members on Mondays.»

Zidkos will coordinate work with new members in Latvia’s regions. Work of the movement’s programme will be coordinated by Marija Golubeva. It will be discussed and approved at the movement’s conference in autumn.

On 26 August, 297 Latvian citizens elected Daniels Pavluts as the head of the movement. Marija Golubeva, Kaspars Briskens, Martins Stakis, Andulis Zidkovs, Oskars Kaulens, Evita Gosa, Ilze Vinkele and Ints Dalderis were elected as members of the board. Among members of the new political party are former Unity members, physicist Vjaceslavs Kascejevs, mathematician Andris Ambainis, priest Juris Calitis and other well-known public figures.

Pavluts admits that not all individuals who signed the manifest will be among the founders of the party, which has been confirmed by both scientists. Calitis said he signed the memorandum to support the party’s ideals, but this is where his participation in the party will end – he does not plan to join it or participate in next year’s elections.


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