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LVB: LLU puts at risk competitiveness of Latvia’s veterinary education

Latvian Association of Veterinarians performs certification and re-certification of veterinarians in the country. If Veterinary Medicine Faculty is not provided with a high-quality educational process in the new school year, Latvia risks becoming unable to compete with other European universities and within borders of the current veterinary market, says LVD chairperson Mara Viduza.

It is worth mentioning that LVB Certification Commission issues documents based on diplomas issued by Latvian University of Agriculture.

«This order is established in accordance with the country’s regulations. To receive a certificate, it is important that the graduate is prepared by the faculty to a necessary level, which is evaluated by representatives of the industry that are part of the exam committee. Our certified veterinarians and freely compete with other EU member states without additional requirements. Only some countries have additional requirements to start working, largely because of national languages,» LVB representative explains.

At the same time, Latvian Association of Veterinarians notes that LLU’s Veterinary Medicine Faculty had succeeded in attracting foreign students in the past several years. The number of foreign students attending this faculty continues increasing year after year, but there is still much that can be done to improve the situation further.

It is also mentioned that the university’s faculty was evaluated and declined partially fitting of EU and international requirements. Latvia received much criticism for insufficient teaching staff.

Even now Latvian teachers are being sought by foreign universities.


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