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Latvian government to allocate additional EUR 5.8 million for healthcare

On Tuesday, 29 August, the Cabinet of Ministers supported a project that provides allocating and additional amount of EUR 5.8 million for healthcare.

As it is known, to help resolve the problem with healthcare service availability, as well as resolve the matter of wages for workers of this industry, it was decided on 1 April to increase fixed allowances for emergency medical treatment departments and patient admissions departments.

In accordance to the government’s decision, the initial amount for increasing wages was found through division of the healthcare budget.

Approval of the project means allocating an additional amount of EUR 5.8 million for the healthcare industry.

Also the project includes the increase of Healthcare Ministry’s expenditures for 2018 and allocation of EUR 7.8 million for compensation. This includes bonuses for night shifts and holidays and increased funding to hire more healthcare specialists to secure better accessibility of healthcare services.


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