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CEC: number of residents who see no point in voting has grown 2.4%

Photo: nikolaiva.
«Don’t see the point in voting» – this is the main reason why some Latvian citizens choose not to participate in elections. 21% of respondents said in a survey realized by Central Election Commission and SKDS they did not participate in this June’s municipal elections.

A comparison of opinions voiced by voters with results of a similar survey performed four years ago shows that the number of people of the same opinion has grown 2.4%.

At the same time, the most often argument in favour of participating in elections is civil duty. 35% of respondents who participated in this year’s municipal elections said this is what motivates them to go voting.

Survey data also shows that the number of people who do not participate in municipal elections because of absence from the country has grown 3% in the past four years. 11% of respondents used this argument as a reason for not taking part in elections.

Other reasons for not participating in this year’s elections included the following: ‘no one to vote for’ (11%); ‘was away from home’ (9%); ‘was busy’ (7%); ‘don’t live at the declared address’ (7%); ‘no trust in politicians’ (7%), ‘didn’t want to’ (5%); ‘vote wouldn’t affect anything’ (5%) and ‘no time’ (4%).

The most common arguments in favour of participating in elections included the following: ‘desire to support a party/candidate’ (21%); ‘to influence municipality’s development’ (12%); ‘hope for a better future/change’ (12%); ‘desire to express an opinion’ (7%); ‘always participate in elections’ (6%) and ‘so that another party would get less votes’ (3%).

This year’s survey data shows that the most passive voters who avoid taking part in elections more often than others are youngsters aged 18 to 24 (50%). The most active voters, on the other hand, are residents aged 55 to 63 (79%).

Women (70%), voters with higher education (76%), voters who speak Russian (71%) and people employed in the public sector (78%) also participate in elections more often than others.


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