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Third country nationals start taking lasting vacant jobs in Latvia

Third party nationals in Latvia have begun taking the jobs that remained vacant for a long time and received no interest from local residents, said State Employment Agency Director Evita Simsone in an interview to 900 seconds on Tuesday, 3 August.

Simsone admits that this is a recently observed trend. Still, she believes there are hidden sides to this matter – asylum seekers often decide to leave Latvia, and there are multiple reasons for that.

Latvia’s registered level of unemployment in June had declined 0.2 percentage points – to 7.2%, according to information from State Employment Agency.

At the beginning of June, there were 68,439 unemployed individuals registered with SEA. By the end of the month, this number had dropped to 66,708 unemployed individuals.

June’s lowest unemployment level was registered in Riga – 4.6%. The highest, on the other hand, was registered in Latgale – 16.6%. Kurzeme’s unemployment level was 8%, Vidzeme’s was 7.8% and Zemgale’s was 6.7%.

Riga’s registered level of unemployment in June was 4.4%, Valmiera’s was 4.2%, Jelgava’s was 4.9%, Ventspils’ was 5.6%, Jurmala’s was 5.9%, Jekabpils’ was 8.9%, Liepaja’s was 9.3%, Daugavpils’ was 10.3% and Rezekne’s was 13.5%.


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