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In dead boy case, Latvian police to evaluate responsibility of mother, bus driver and neighbours

In the case of five-year-old Ivans, who went missing in the Latvian city of Liepāja and later lost his life, police will evaluate the possible responsibility of his mother, neighbours and driver of the bus, in which the boy left Liepāja.

According to the chief of Liepāja police, Uģis Āva, the investigation in the criminal case is in its early stage, therefore the possible responsibility is under assessment. Likewise, authorities are discussing the further fate of the other five children in the family.

Āva unveiled that the dead boy was found around three kilometres away from a bus stop, around 300 metres away from a road, deep in bushes. The nearest populated area was some 700 metres away.

Currently, the police assume that the boy had run from rain and ran into a forest for shelter.

Reportedly, the body of the 5-year-old has been found in the evening of Tuesday, July 12, in a forest near the village of Dubeņi, 20 kilometres away from his home town.

According to police information, currently, everything indicates that the version set by investigators that the boy could have wandered about alone and got lost.

A total of over 4 000 people in units from the State Police, Liepāja Municipal Police, the National Armed Forces, State Firefighting and Rescue Service and the volunteer organization Bezvests.lv were involved in the search for the boy.


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