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If Anda Caksa fails, she will entrust her assessment to the prime minister

Anda Caksa/play24.
The remainder of Anda Caksa from the Union of Greens and Farmers in the post of Latvian Healthcare Minister will depend on decision of Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis, the minister told journalists.

When asked if she would be prepared to step down if her initiated healthcare reform fails, Caksa said her career depends on Kucinskis’ decision.

«If I am told the reform does not fit the prime minister’s established guidelines… I am a member of his team. It [stepping down] depends on what the prime minister says,» Caksa said.

Considering the protest involving family doctors could be joined by members of the Emergency Medical Service trade union, the minister says the entire industry is very tense and «funding is desperately needed».

«I can only ask the industry to put off their protests until we have a law for funding and a tax reform project that will ensure the necessary funding for healthcare. Then it will be clear that it is only possible to raise wages from 1 January onward. This process will require approximately three and a half weeks – until then we cannot possibly resolve other matters,» says the politician.


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