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State Border Guard inspector may be involved in cigarette contraband

Photo: State Revenue Service.
Latvian State Border Guard’s Criminal Investigations Office’s officials have detained an inspector of Silene Border Security Office.

The violation for which the official is detained was committed a couple of days ago, according to the State Border Guard. A criminal process has been commenced in relation to abuse of power and disclosure of confidential information.

The detained official has been put in a State Police detention facility, as reported by State Border Guard.

Border control measures on the Latvian border with Belarus and Russia helped the State Border Guard intercept an illegal shipment of 76,900 cigarettes.

At the same time, a cargo train from Belarus was inspected at Indra customs checkpoint. During the inspection customs officials and officers of State Border Guard found four packages with cigarettes buried in coal. A thorough inspection revealed 40,000 Premier cigarettes with Belarusian excise labels.

A massive smuggling attempt was uncovered 2 June 2017.

On that day cargo trucks entered Terehovo customs control checkpoint from Russia. During the inspection, officials discovered secret compartments within the vehicles that contained contraband cigarettes. Approximately 19,000 Bond cigarettes produced in Kazakhstan were found. A K-9 unit helped discover those secret compartments.

On 1 June, customs officers at Silene border control checkpoint found contraband cigarettes hidden in secret compartments in a car’s roof, passenger seats, air filter and other compartments. 17,900 cigarettes bearing multiple different Belarusian excise labels were found and confiscated.


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