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«Latvian parties» elected in Riga City Council agreed to work together in opposition

Photo: flickr.com.
Representatives of all «Latvian parties» have agreed to work together in the opposition in the capital.

Latvian Association of Regions/For Latvia’s Development candidate list leader in Riga Martins Bondars and National Alliance’s candidate list leader Baiba Broka confirm that this agreement was reached at a meeting of representatives from Latvian Association of Regions/For Latvia’s Development, National Alliance, New Conservative Party and Unity.

«We gathered and started thinking on ways for the opposition to work. I think the mandate in Riga is big and we will have to work together very seriously. We cannot achieve anything each on our own. But together we will be a strong and constructive opposition,» said Broka.

She notes that the goal of the meeting was looking at the work performed by Riga City Council and share experience. This was necessary to organize work at the first meeting of the new city council next week.

Broka did not confirm the unofficially reported news that Bondars may be the mayoral candidate from the ‘Latvian parties’ and that his vice-mayor may be Janis Bordans. Bondars did not confirm this as well. Broka said these and other decisions will be made. However, parties have agreed to discuss those and other matters as soon as possible, because the first meeting of the city council is very strategic.

«No specific agreements have been reached about this so far. Which people to pick for which posts is something we will have to discuss,» adds Broka.


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