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Murniece: we will never recognize the unlawful annexation of Crimea

Inara Murniece/flickr.com.
Latvia strictly stands in favour of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and will continue providing practical support to the Ukrainian people, said Saeima speaker Inara Murniece and members of the parliament’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee on Wednesday, 19 April.

During a meeting with a member of the Ukrainian parliament and president of World Congress of Crimean Tatars Refat Chubarov, Latvian parliamentarians expressed clear concern over the human rights situation in Russia’s unlawfully annexed Crimea.

«The principle of border integrity is sacred and should be followed at all times. Latvia has always supported Ukraine. We do not recognize Crimea’s unlawful annexation and we never will,» said Murniece, adding that Latvia is Ukraine’s friend.

Murniece emphasized several important support projects, including the plan to assist with rehabilitation of children who suffered traumas in the armed conflict and Ukrainian soldiers. She also expressed support to Ukraine on behalf of Latvia’s parliament. She also mentioned the visit of heads of parliaments of Baltic and Nordic countries to Kyiv in February 2016, which was organized after Latvia’s initiative to demonstrate the region’s solidarity towards Ukraine.

Chubarov thanked Latvia and its politicians for their support. He also said that Latvia provides immense support by bringing up this matter in all of Europe.

According to Chubarov, the human rights situation in Crimea is terrifying. A hybrid war is performed there, and Russia actively persecutes Crimean Tatars. Many who oppose Russia’s policy have been arrested. Chubarov said Russia persecutes, Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians and others who are not loyal to Russia. Repressions are performed actively and international observers are not allowed to enter Crimea.

Inese Laizane, chairperson of Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee, said the conflict in Ukraine must not vanish from the sight of the international community. The fight for a country’s independence tends to be long, which is proven by Latvia’s and other countries’ experience, Laizane said, adding that it is especially important to promote the idea of support for Crimean Tatars and Ukraine among youngsters.

«It is in human nature to accept and forget. But the strikes and wounds done to a whole nation can prove lethal. This is why it is important to keep explaining this and reminding people of such situations,» said Laizane, expressing support to Ukraine on behalf of the committee.

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