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Zakusala television tower reconstruction project commences in Riga

A contract has been signed for the development of a reconstruction project of Zakusala television tower. The contract provides that a reconstruction project is to be developed in the next two years. The project itself will include reconstruction of technical and administrative rooms, as well as the publicly accessible portion of the television tower, which is planned to be expanded six times, as reported by Latvian State Radio and Television Centre.

‘Zakusala television tower is the largest electronic service providers’ collocation point in the Baltic region. A number of ICT companies, dozens of global and national operators that provide public services to residents, and most state institutions receive all kinds of technical services there. This is the unseen part of the tower. Several dozen million euros have been invested in development and technological improvements at the centre. The time has come to brighten up the tower’s publicly accessible part,’ says Transport Minister Uldis Augulis.

The reconstruction provides that the total area of the tower will increase by 30%, ensuring that the total area of the tower and technical building used for services grows by nearly 85%. Only 30% of the available area is currently used for service provision. This is because technological development tends to reduce the size of equipment, freeing up space for development of new service, the centre reports.

Architects and engineers have an objective to develop a new open-type viewing area 40 meters higher up that would also offer Sky-walk option. It is also planned to design space for a restaurant, which has been closed at Zakusala tower for more than a decade.

Visitors will be offered different entertainment and leisure options, as well as a science and innovations centre and creative workshop with an interactive exposition about radio and television, as reported by LVRTC.

The rights for the development of the construction project have been won by Nams, as reported by LVRTC. The company’s main directions include design work for nearly all building types – transport and communication structures, manufacturing facilities, education institutions, hospitals and healthcare buildings, and apartment buildings.

The costs of the construction project are estimated at EUR 1.8 million (without VAT). For the past five years, LVRTC specialists have been performing the necessary preparations for the project. Riga City Council has issued construction permit for the project. Signing of the contract will commence a to-year design process, which will be followed by construction work, LVRTC notes.


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