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More than 45.4 million euros available from Cohesion Fund for water management projects

Financing of more than EUR 45.4 million is available from the European Cohesion Fund for water management projects aimed at improving their accessibility and quality, as reported by the Central Finance and Contracting Agency.

The objective of support is developing the use of public water management services, improving their accessibility and quality, reducing environmental pollution and securing compliance with EU directive’s requirements for water management, the agency explains.

This funding will be available for public water management service providers – municipalities, municipal institutions or companies that have a service contract signed with municipal administration for provision of public water management service.

CFLA notes that funding in the second project selection stage will be available for municipalities in which population of residents ranges from 2,000 to 10,000.

The amount of funding available in this stage reaches EUR 53,441,426. This includes funding from the Cohesion Fund (EUR 45,425,212) and national funding (at least EUR 8,016,214).

Latvia’s Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry serves as a support institution in this field.


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