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MEP: America’s missile strike against Syria came five years too late

Krisjanis Karins/flickr.com/epp group.
The missile attack performed by USA against Syria came five years too late, said Latvian MEP Krisjanis Karins in an interview to Rīta panorama programme.

When asked if he believes USA’s actions can help bring the conflict in Syria to an end sooner, the MEP said actions came five years too late. Karins believes something like that should have been done during Barack Obama’s administration, when Syrian President Bashar al-Assad employed chemical weapons against his countrymen for the first time, Karins said.

«America had the ability to destroy Assad’s air force, reducing his ability to continue the war,» Karins added. «[U.S. President Donald] Trump has done this years later. Whether or not the missile attack can change anything, I don’t know. In any case, it did suddenly change the situation,» said the MEP.

The politician added that Assad has helped Trump get to one or the other side. «With this missile attack against Assad, Trump has put himself opposite of Russia and has returned USA back to our position,» Karins said.

The MEP said that to resolve the situation diplomatically, both sides need to have the desire to talk. Perhaps with this attack on Syria, Trump wants to start talks and at the same time show what America is capable of, Karins said.


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