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Petersone: duplicity among Latvia’s politicians is making high tides

Inara Petersone/flickr.com.
Duplicity is making high tides among Latvia’s politicians. Leaders of state institutions are distrusted and lack authority, said Inara Petersone, former head of the State Revenue Service in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

She said that people chosen to manage institutions also have to be provided with authority. Residents and politicians in Latvia distrust heads of institutions. There is also the problem of blackmail and abuse. All of it impacts the work of managers – they are people too, they have self-respect. This, according to Petersone, also affects the team, as reported by lsm.lv.

She also said that duplicity ‘makes high tides’ among politicians. This is why she intends to follow the completion of SRS’ previously initiated objectives and initiatives submitted to the Finance Ministry.

Petersone said changes have to be made in not only SRS but also ‘in the heads of all leaders of state administration’ to make management more effective. This would help save resources and increase wages.

Petersone also added that starting out in the post of the head of SRS she knew there was no way to ask for adequate pay. It was first necessary to make work more effective and make sure it is possible to sort things out in state administration.

In addition, Petersone mentioned that pay and the general situation in state administration were the main reasons why the personnel selection process for the new head of SRS ended with nothing. She adds that it is not possible to find an appropriate person without looking and communicating. There are many experts in Latvia Petersone turned for advice over the years. If the government selects a person who only knows how to work in state administration, Petersone said, no big reforms should be expected, said Petersone.

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