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Straujuma: every girl should have an opportunity to become Prime Minister

Laimdota Straujuma/LETA.
«Never before in the vast history of the world have we seen the involvement of so many people and so many opinions in the development of a single development document. We have a lot to do – we want to completely eradicate poverty, provide environmental longevity, create an inclusive global economy, establish gender equality and provide education opportunities for all – these are but some of the 17 sustainable development goals,» – said Latvian Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma.

In Brussels, Straujuma participated in an annual event dedicated to European Development Day, which is dedicated to matters of development and regularly gathers influential development specialists and other professionals.

In her speech, the Prime Minister especially mentioned two very important matters concerning cooperation development: new sustainable development goals of the UN after 2015 and the necessity to eradicate gender inequality.

In order to achieve these goals, said Straujuma, it is vital to secure close cooperation and synergy: «Immediate action is necessary to resolve rising global challenges, especially migration. Cooperation is necessary for all – migrant origin countries, transit and recipient countries. It is unacceptable when people are forced to leave their home countries and risk their lives in order to reach the shores of a new and better life».

Straujuma emphasized that development cooperation is the policy that can directly resolve the causes of forced and illegal migration. Development cooperation policy can provide instruments that can help improve quality of life, help stabilize the country’s political situation and secure legitimate power and rights, create jobs and provide respectable living conditions for all residents.

According to the Prime Minister, exchange of experience in realization of reforms is an important element for Latvia’s executed development cooperation.

She also turned attention toward the matter of gender equality in the world: «Rights of women and girls are human rights. Nevertheless, these rights are often breached in many places in the world. Statistics show that 35% of women in the world have experienced physical or sexual violence at some point in their life. If nothing changes, efforts to establish gender equality in the world could be delayed by another 80 years. This is why Latvia, as one of the leaders in the field of gender equality, has set a priority to ensure gender equality. Every girl in the world should have an opportunity to become Prime Minister should she so desire,» – said Straujuma.

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