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Kazocins: if Putin loses power, even worse times could come about in Russia

Janis Kazocins/LETA.
Should President Putin ever lose power in Russia, even worse times could come about, admits Latvian Defence Ministry’s advisor, former head of Constitution Protection Bureau Janis Kazocins.

He notes that Russia can be viewed as the Soviet Union in its state of 1980s. At the time, some people spoke about change, but no one knew how and when.

«It [change of power] could happen suddenly or very slowly. In the last two presidential terms Putin had such a convention: the nation will have better quality of life, but less democracy. Now he aims the other way – more and more repressions and lowering standards of democracy,» – notes Kazocins.

Kazocins reminds that Putin had recently disappeared for 11 days and the question had arisen on whether or not there had been a putsch. If talks take place in the public space about what would happen without Putin, an equivalent psychological attitude forms in society as well, adds the former CPB Director.

He believes the influence of Chechen President Ramzan Kadirov is considered too low. This is demonstrated by the recent news regarding the conflict between the Federal Security Service and Kadirov. On top of that, Kremlin is unwilling to take either side.

Kazocins believes Putin’s main goal is to remain in power until the very end of his life. He does not want to end like the overthrown President of Libya Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi, and he will do all he can in order to remain in power.

The former CPB Director believes Russia’s economic problems could make the country’s actions unpredictable. This is why it is not the interest of the West to defeat Russia, but rather change its state position. On top of that, Russia’s collapse is the last thing western countries need.

«There would be much more instability in the context of nuclear weapons; much more than new see now. If someone thinks better times will come as soon as Putin loses power, I think they are very wrong: things could become even worse. Putin is a rational man and he understands what consequences would follow an attack on NATO and use of nuclear weapons. However, Kremlin could fall in the hands of people who do not comprehend such things; people like Dmitry Rogozin,» – added Kazocins.

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