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Bērziņš: I did my best

Andris Bērziņš/LETA.
Latvian President Andris Bērziņš said Monday that he had always done his best during his Presidency, while his potential successors began their as yet undeclared campaigns to succeed him, LSM reports.

On Friday, Bērziņš announced he would not be seeking a second four-year term in charge of Riga Castle, a decision that - unofficially at least - launched the race to become the next President.

Speaking on LTV's Rita Panorama Monday morning, Bērziņš said he had actually made his decision to hang up his spurs some time ago.

Though the decision was "clearly mine" he said had also taken the decision bearing in mind "those for whom I am responsible."

"I have done a lot, but there's still a lot to be done," he smiled. He revealed little about his future plans once his term ends in early July and insisted he had always acted in good faith.

Asked if he had made mistakes, he said mistakes were inevitable but that he had never done anything against his principles.

"No - I never did that," he asserted while saying his greatest achievement was "giving opportunities for new exports."

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