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Edwaed Lucas: Lembergs’ logical thinking is as bad as his choice of shirts and ties

Edward Lucas. Photo: Baltic International Bank.
In his arguments against the deployment of other countries’ armed forces in Latvia, Aivars Lembergs’ logical thinking is as bad as his choice of shirts and ties, says senior editor of The Economist magazine Edward Lucas.

«Mr Lembergs’ logical thinking is as bad as his choice of shirts and ties. It shows a very delusional attitude towards NATO. No one attacks the weak anymore; the strong ones are attacked nowadays. Latvia’s weakness lies in the belief that Russians consider Latvia to be easily conquered. The presence of NATO forces makes it nearly impossible for Russia to invade Latvia,» – said Lucas in his interview to Viens pret vienu programme of LTV, commenting on Lembergs’ statements in regard to NATO.

He believes Lembergs did not think very hard on what he said. Nevertheless, these statements will definitely find ears to whisper into.

«People have this opinion, but they are wrong. We do not want Latvia to become another Moldova,» – emphasized the journalist, adding that Lembergs thinks primarily in his own interest, considering the transit business to Russia.

As previously reported, the statements Lembergs voiced about NATO troops and their presence in Latvia caused a wide resonance this summer. The possible increase of NATO forces in Latvia would be equal to a military occupation by another country’s military; similar to the one Latvia experienced in 1940 with the Soviet occupation, said Lembergs.

Lembergs also said NATO military bases have no place in Latvia, because they would threaten the country’s national security. The entry of another country’s army in Latvia is not stated in any declaration signed by the current government, added Lembergs. «I do not believe this will increase security in any way. Why do I not believe this? I can explain. Because we live near the front. Why should be live near the front? I do not want soldiers of another country to become owners of my land,» – said Lembergs.

Lembergs statements had gone unnoticed in Latvia, with well-known people expressing their concern shortly after he voiced his opinion. Ex-Defence Minister of Latvia Artis Pabriks had rhetorically asked Lembergs on his Twitter account if Ventspils truly wants to follow the example set by Donetsk: declare independence and join Russia.

People well-known in Latvia have expressed concern that Kremlin’s main media channel had openly reported Lembergs’ concerns about NATO being a threat to Europe and Russia. These people have asked the ruling coalition in Latvia to at least have For Latvia and Ventspils political party excluded from the Union of Greens and Farmers. 
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