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Repse’s party to shift the emphasis from the word „national” to the word „development”

Einars Repse/LETA.
Einars Repse, the leader of the association For Latvia’s development announced that his new party to be established in December is not going to focus on the national, ethnic issue. “I do not really think that we should now emphasize the word “national”. What we should actually stress is the word “development”, he said in his interview to Latvijas Avīze. 

According to Repse, we actually have a two-community society, and this split is menacing to the future of Latvia. “We should concentrate on getting over it,” he says. “I believe that the development of Latvia will also facilitate its ethnic integration.” Confidence in one’s country, and pride in it entail patriotism. It is hardly the case now, as the Latvians also leave in search for better employment. Our primary goal is to achieve that the citizens of Latvia envision their future in here, and only then everything will fall into place.”

Five steps in the right direction

The new party will position itself as right-wing conservatives. “Right-wing means that it respects individual freedom, entrepreneurship and human initiative. Conservatism refers to its attempts to learn from the experience of other countries and apply approved solutions, wherever possible,” explained Repse.  

He listed five points his party is going to focus on in the first place.

«First of all, our intention is to considerably wind down the red tape,” announced Repse, “by introducing the principle that the state should not request from private individuals and legal entities the information that already is at disposal of any governmental authority; securing that the government is not torturing the people by too frequent and unnecessary inspections. Civil servants should be aware of the fact that their task is to simplify the regulatory enactments and support the economy.

Secondly, we would like to change the existing modus operandi of the government, improve the process of forming the Cabinet of Ministers to make it work as a united team without being unnecessarily subjected to oscillations and indecision of the coalition. The most important thing is to achieve that the Cabinet instead of servicing the documents and initiatives from the depths of civil service institution, which is the case now, would decide about strategically important documents or amendments thereto required by the country. It would considerably decrease the number of various chaotic amendments and innovations.  

Thirdly, our wish is to secure a stable environment for enterprising people. Absolutely unacceptable is the current instability in taxation, where the government unexpectedly decides to increase the tax burden on micro-enterprises. I believe that formation of the state budget should be completely separated from any increase in taxes or introduction of new taxes, as under the present circumstances it entails an obvious conflict of interest between the ever-growing consumption and the actual income from taxes. Apparently, the parties are interested in bigger outlays before elections; as the budget is tight out from nowhere appear new, ill-considered proposals that even to representatives of the business community are communicated through the mass media before the government meeting.

Fourthly, our intention is to introduce in Latvia the healthcare model of Holland. The current Latvian healthcare system is something between the socialism and modern market economy, and it calls for reforms. Reinvention of the wheel is not necessary, as we may adopt smoothly operating model of the Netherlands.

Fifthly, we want to augment the role of modern technologies in Latvia in all industries, including education, manufacturing, healthcare, which means also increased support to the science, reconsideration of the learning process and linking the science with the manufacturing.”

“To call me a puppet of the Harmony Centre is ridiculous”

Repse is not ruling out cooperation with the Harmony Centre (HС) in the next Parliament. “I just hope that these elections will not repeat the mistake made during the elections to Riga City Council, where Latvian parties spent their entire energy to outsmart the HC and actually did a considerable favor to the latter,” he said. “It is clear that our wish is to lessen all kinds of splits in Latvia, including national disunity. We don’t need a two-community state or new referendums on the state language. To create the cooperation we should mostly focus on the national interests of Latvia, as ours must be well-developed, competitive country, and its government should comprise of the people ready to realize far-sighted policy in the best interests of the Latvian people.

By saying this, Repse rebutted the reproofs made by the speaker of the Parliament Solvita Aboltiņa and the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis implying that he is helping the HC to take over the rule. “Such statements do not surprise me,” he announced. “It is an old and well-known trick played in the political fight - to disgrace one’s competitors before elections. Taking into account my previous activities at LNIM and the Popular Front of Latvia (the People’s Front), the assertion that I am a puppet in hands of the HC is at least ridiculous. However, I do not bear a grudge against them, as it obviously is nothing more than plain political jealousy.”

Source: Latvijas Avīze
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