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Gobzems: if KPV LV ends up in opposition, it will be an opposition the Saeima has never seen before

Aldis Gobzems/publicity photo.
If KPV LV ends in opposition, the party will not allow other parties rest, because the party is so active the opposition will become such the Saeima has never seen before, said KPV LV prime minister candidate Aldis Gobzems in an interview Rīta Panorāma programme of LTV.

Gobzems reminds that voters have made it clear in elections that they want to see new faces and changes in Latvia’s politics, which is proven by the fact that 65 deputies in the Saeima have been replaced.

«This is why it is hard to imagine the parties currently in power could afford to ignore this signal in the formation of the government. But if our party ends up in the opposition, we will make sure it is an opposition Latvia’s parliament has never seen,» says Gobzems.

Parties elected in the 13th Saeima will start holding discussions on cooperation after elections on Monday, 8 October.

It was initially expected that several parties would hold internal meetings to discuss election results. After that, parties might hold mutual talks regarding formation of the government. Both KPV LV and New Conservative party have announced readiness to take the initiative in talks on formation of the coalition.

There is also a meeting of representatives of the 12th Saeima coalition planned to discuss topical political matters.

As previously reported, although in official comments politicians remain cautious, they do admit unofficially that there are multiple possible coalition models.

In unofficial talks with LETA, politicians mentioned that there are multiple coalition formation models possible with the six parties that have made it to the parliament. It is also possible there may be models in which some of those parties may be excluded from the coalition.

There are no plans to form a coalition with Concord, however. With that, discussions will be held with the New Conservative Party, KPV LV, National Alliance, Attīstībai/Par, Union of Greens and Farmers and New Unity.

Most politicians have already contacted and discussed with one another election results. Serious coalition formation talks will commence next week. Politicians refrain from giving any predictions in regards to the next coalition.

One possibility is that KPV LV and NCP may attempt to form a coalition without UGF. It is unknown, however, if KPV LV and NCP would both agree to such a scenario, however. It is likely, however, that the latter may benefit from this the most.

It is also possible more liberal parties will try concentrating on forming mutual cooperation among themselves. This may apply to communication between Attīstībai/Par! and New Unity. It is also worth mentioning in this context a scenario in two parties could form the core of the coalition by also including the National Alliance and IGF and either KPV LV or NCP.

According to the latest results, Concord will receive 23 seats in the 13th Saeima, KPV LV and NCP will receive 16 each, Attīstībai/Par and the National Alliance will get 13 each, Union of Greens and Farmers will get 11 and New Unity will get 8 seats.


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