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Filips Rajevskis: residents should request clearer action plans from politicians

Filips Rajevskis/Play 24.
Residents should request clearer action plans from politicians, so that the government can write its declaration after elections based on those plans, says politologist Filips Rajevskis.

According to him, several of the political parties’ election campaigns submitted to the Central Election Commission show that politicians are not prepared to talk about specific action plans if they get to form the government.

Parties should offer action plans for important activities. Instead parties only offer an outlook for solutions, which is something residents have noticed through traditional and social media, says the politologist.

Rajevskis admits that 4,000 work programme submitted to CEC is not exactly an appropriate medium to search for a complex solution. Nevertheless, parties have to be able to offer expanded programmes to allow coalition partners to put together the government’s declaration after elections. Currently it cannot be said there is any reason to believe parties have any foundation for a future declaration, says the politologist.

He says programmes should be to highlight each political party’s ideological position, so that residents are able to tell if a party is economically right or left-wing. It would be necessary so that parties are able to highlight plans for taxes and wages, as well as financing of different industries.

In such a situation the role of the media is asking parties with major ambitions to provide detailed action plans for at least the first year of their possible rule, the politologist says.

Commenting on candidates submitted for elections, Rajevskis explained that political parties have chosen the ‘well-travelled road’ by including candidates with the loudest political surnames, as well as artists, musicians, TV personalities, actors and athletes.

As it is known, the Central Election Commission has received candidate lists from 16 party and party unions.

13th Saeima elections will take place on the first Saturday of October.


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