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Mārcis Auziņš: government does not consider science a resource for state development

Mārcis Auziņš/marcisauzins.lv.
The government does not consider science a resource for state development, but rather only an expenditure position, said Mārcis Auziņš, former rector of the University of Latvia in an interview to 900 seconds program of LNT.

Auziņš says science is a powerful resource for state development. Still, scientists are partly to blame themselves, because they have failed to show to society what they are working on and how the government could use the potential of the scientific resource.

The former LU rector also expressed criticism towards the organization of the scientific management process in which formalities are more important than the result.

As it is known, government representatives and social partners will continue discussing the topic of providing funding for healthcare, education and science during the meeting of the National Council for Trilateral Cooperation on Tuesday, 24 October.


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