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Lithuanian music festival "Menuo Juodaragis" held today through Sunday

The 16th independent post-folk and alternative music festival "Menuo Juodaragis" will be taking place in Lithuania's Zarasai today through Sunday; this year, the festival is dedicated to Latvia.

The festival's focus this year is on the Baltic culture; a large number of Latvian musicians and bands will participate in the festival this year.

Latvia will be represented by bands "Ilgi", "Auli", "Grodi", "Dzelzs vilks", "Standart", "Miglas asni", "Vilki", "Skyforger", "Green Novice", "Enu kaleidoskops", "Bedu vestnesis", deejays Olivers and Dambis.

Band "Spanxti", "Marga Muzika", "Kulgrinda", "Sen Svaja" and many more will represent Lithuania at the festival. And there will be special guests from the United States, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia and other countries.

The festival's program also includes a traditional crafts fair, workshops, film screenings, and much more.


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