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"LMT Summer Sound" festival begins today

''Brainstorm'' (''Prata Vetra'')/LETA.
RIGA, July 12 - Today, the "LMT Summer Sound" festival will kick off at Liepaja beach and park, bringing together many local and foreign bands.

The festival will feature five stages - "Sound Factory", "LMT", "Cesu alus", "Burn Dance Tent" and "Teatra bars".

The festival will begin at 5:15 p.m. when "White Shade" will perform at the "Sound Factory" stage.

''Brainstorm'' (''Prata Vetra'') will be the festival's main guest this evening. This will be the band's only performance in Latvian festivals this summer.

This evening, "LMT" stage line-up will include: "re:public", Dons, Aloe Blacc and "Brainstorm". "Cesu alus" will offer performances from "Komjaunatne", "Willow Farm", "Zebra Island", "Laika suns" and "The Sound Poets".

"Sound Factory" will present "Dabasu Durovys", "Crow Mother", "Electronic I", "Momend", "Riga Metro" and "Unknown Crusade". "Burn Dance Tent" line-up will include "Phonetica", DJ "iO", DJ "Andre Crash", "Bogdan Taran&Max Lomov" and DJ "Uppfade".

"Teatra bars" will offer "Crazy Strawberry", "Konstitucija teja", "Judas grasi", "7 deli", "Pyro Trees", "Gapoljeri" and Girts Solis.

"LMT Summer Sound" organizers predict that a large number of people will turn out to attend the festival this year.

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