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International Bach Chamber Music Festival kicks off later this month

Belgian baroque orchestra "Anima Eterna".
 From November 14 to December, the 12th annual International Bach Chamber Music Festival will take place in various venues throughout Riga, the festival's director Aina Kalnciema told members of the press today.
The International Bach Chamber Music Festival is focused on the intimate, the soulful and the personal. It manifests the organizers' desire to reveal Bach from the "quiet side" and show that the relatively few sounds in a chamber music score can say just as much in the way of fundamental ideas, thoughts and content as Bach's major vocal and symphonic compositions.
The festival will open with a concert by Spanish opera star Xavier Diaz-Latorre and percussionist Pedro Estevan at the Small Guild Hall on November 14.
Also performing concerts at this year’s festival will be Russian violinist Evgeny Sviridov (November 21 at Museum of Riga History and Navigation), Belgian baroque orchestra "Anima Eterna" (November 30 at Great Guild Hall), and French early music ensemble "L’Arpeggiata" (December 5 at Great Guild Hall).
The festival's organizers inform that the concept of the festival strives to embrace a wealth of aesthetic, cultural and historical values. For one thing, audiences at the festival hear seldom performed interpretations of J.S. Bach's chamber music, including the compositions that were produced by the great artist's sons and contemporaries, as well as the music inspired by Bach's personality. The festival is also a cradle for new music - each year there are new works commissioned especially for the festival.
Furthermore, the responsibility of interpreting music at the festival always rests with world renowned musicians, many of them global authorities in the performance of authentic music.
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