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Dance's diversity to be seen at IBBF this spring

Lita Beiris. Photo: LETA.
 RIGA, March 13 -- The XVIII International Baltic Ballet Festival (IBBF) will take place in Riga April 19-May 1, with select performances in Valmiera, Rezekne, Preili, Liepaja and Kuldiga.

The festival's founder and director, Lita Beiris, told a press conference today that she has been busy since last year's festival seeking something "interesting, captivating." Her quest took her abroad, where the "direction is definitely modern." A prima ballerina once herself, Beiris insisted that "classical ballet must find a way to hold its own."

Nonetheless, the festival's lineup is more modern than classical, with the Jo Stromgren Dance Company (Norway) first up with its "Football" (in Rezekne). April 20th in Riga - it will present one of its latest works, "Ping Pong".

Other acts from foreign countries include the Cassandra Dance Company from Denmark, Théatre de la Tete Noire from France and Step Africa from Washington, D.C.

April 29th in the Opera House, it's the Gala Evening with a glittering array of principal dancers.

April 22nd will see another longtime tradition - a free dance concert "for the people" in the Central Railway Station.
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