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Exhibition explores Nicholas Roerich's Latvian roots

The Nicholas Roerich and Latvia exhibition is now on show at the Riga Bourse until January 31. Visitors are welcomed to explore the famed painter's Latvian roots, along with his artistic, historic and activism heritage, LSM reports.

The name of Nicholas Roerich, his art and activism is known across the world, representatives of the museum told Latvian Television. The artist's life was tied to a number of countries, including Russia, the US, India and others. Latvia takes up a special place in his biography.

The goal of the exhibition is to reveal the artist's ties to his fatherland (Roerich's father was of a Baltic German ancestry and came from Latvia). Presented is material from the Latvian National Museum of Art, Liepāja Museum, the Latvian National Library and elsewhere, showing these ties in a number of ways and giving a broader look at the historic and cultural dimensions of the artist's day and age.

Along all things Nicholas Roerich, the exhibition also displays works by several prominent Latvian friends of the painter - like Vilhelms Purvītis, Janis Rozentāls, and Johans Valters - who were, like Roerich, students at the St. Petersburg Art Academy.

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