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Opolais debuts at Metropolitan Opera in New York

Kristīne Opolais. Photo: Lita Krone/LETA.
 Latvian opera diva Kristīne Opolais marked another milestone when the curtain rised in New York January 11 on the Metropolitan’s production of "La rondine” with Opolais as Magda.
The opera company’s home page has Opolais singing the praises of composer Puccini, and acknowledging that while La rondine” is not as dramatic as "Tosca” or "Butterfly”, it is lyrical, poetic and very romantic – enough to adore it. At the same time she notes that Magda has a bit of Violetta, Manon and Mimi, but is less tragic.

Performances are scheduled on select dates January 11-26.

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