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World fest screens Euro-centric films

The Culture Capital year began its final month with the launch of the 2014 Riga International Film Festival Tuesday, featuring a ten-day program of 139 screenings of top recent and classic European productions until December 12, LSM reports.

An eagerly awaited premiere at the Riga IFF will be the festival’s opener at Splendid Palace Tuesday – “Beyond the Fear” begun by acclaimed poetic documentarian Herz Frank over a decade ago (he passed away in 2013), only now brought to a finish by co-director Marija Kravčenko.

The festival programme's special events and more can be perused on its dedicated website, but in addition to the many screenings scattered around movie halls in town will host a series of in-person open workshops and lectures with guest film directors and other European film industry professionals called the Riga Meetings from December 9-12.

December 9 will be dedicated to screenings of Baltic Films from Latvia’s neighboring countries Lithuania and Estonia. The following day the International Federation of Film Critics, FIPRESCI, will host a conference on Latvian cinema in the European context.
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