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Art Academy students organize annual exhibition and fair "Jarmarka"

Photo: Evija Trifanova/LETA.
 RIGA, Dec 19 - Once again, the "Jarmarka" annual winter art exhibition and fair organized by students from the Latvian Academy of Art will be held.
This year’s exhibition will take place from today until to December 29 at the academy, and will be the tenth year it will be held. All persons are welcome to attend the exhibition and fair, where they can view art pieces made by the new generation of Latvian artists, as well as purchase original and unique work from the students themselves.
Also this year, students from the many various departments of the Latvian Academy of Art will present their works at the exhibition and fair. "Jarmarka" is one of the best places in Latvia to experience local modern art, as it features a bit of everything from the world of art.
The exhibition and fair features mostly pieces of art from created by academy’s students, who were given the freedom to create whatever they liked. Furthermore, knowing that their pieces will be on display at "Jarmarka", it is much more likely the students took more time and care in creating their art works.
Already, the organizers of the event have created their own web-site, where persons can view art pieces from local artists year-round and purchase the ones they like - "www.makslasperons.lv".
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