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Opening of Riga Concert Hall is one month away

One month from now – September 20th – Riga Concert Hall will open its doors in the Latvian Academy of Sciences with a colourful concert, as BNN was informed by the concert hall’s representative Juris Millers.

The building built in 1955 was once full of life – for years the building was ruled by the Philharmonic, its artists performing for residents every evening. This concert hall, which is the only amphitheatre in Latvia, has excellent acoustic properties. This was achieved through the use of proper building materials and the shape of the concert hall.

According to Millers, cultural life ended there in 1972, when the stage of the concert hall was ruined by a fire. From 1972 up to 2014 the stage remained walled off and inaccessible for a wider audience. This year, however, following an initiative by Millers, work began to repair and renovate Riga Concert Hall.

«Over the course of several months we have managed to accomplish something nearly impossible on our own – the stage, orchestra pit, walls and ceiling have been completely restored, floor and other outdated elements have been replaced, other general repairs have been completed as well. We have invested more than EUR 300,000 into this project,» – says Millers.

The first guests will be able to come to Riga Concert Hall on September 6th, when Simphonetta Riga orchestra will hold a free concert in this concert hall as part of White Night festival. The official opening of Riga Concert Hall is set for September 20th.

«We will open the concert hall with a lush ceremony that will feature many representatives of the music industry – Intars Busulis, Normunds Rutulis, Juris Jope, Ojārs Grinbergs, Viktors Lapčenoks, Žoržs Siksna, Ingus Pētersons, Sonora Vaice, Ginta Krievkalna, Juris Vizbulis, Zane Dombrovska, Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis, Uldis Marhilēvičs, Aivars Hermanis, Samanta Tīna, Paula Dukure, Rūta Dūduma, Roberto Meloni, Madara Celma, Ieva Sutugova, Nikolajs Puzikovs, Miks Dukurs, Liene Šomase, Liene Greifāne, Ēriks Loks,”Credo”, “Da Gamba”, “Framest”, “Vintāža” and other musicians,» – said the producer, adding that there will be many surprises over the course of the ceremony.

100 tickets for the opening ceremony are available for purchase at Biļešu paradize branches.
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