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Concert "Born in Riga" will be broadcast in all of Europe

Raimonds Pauls/LETA.
RIGA, July 2 - The "Born in Riga" ("Dzimusi Riga") concert, on Sunday night, July 6, in front of the Latvian National Opera on an open-air stage, will be broadcast to television and radio audiences all over Europe, as spokesman for the foundation "Riga 2014", Martins Dregeris, informed LETA.

The concert will be available to Swiss, Spanish, Andorran, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Lithuanian and Estonian audiences.

An online stream of "Born in Riga" will also be available at the "ARTE Live" online streaming site.

Considering the necessity for high artistic quality, a multi-camera director from BBC, Peter Maniura has joined the creative team of "Born in Riga".

Latvian Television (LTV1) will broadcast the concert live on July 6, 10 p.m.

Tickets to the concert are available at "Bilesu serviss" outlets and online stores.
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