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Thousands queue up at museums last night

On the annual Night of Museums, lines forming outside the most popular ones was the case, with greater accessibility seen outside Riga.

For example, at the Valgunde-Jelgava Christmas Battles Museum, besides the usual exposition, visitors at dusk were offered a special treat - a torch-lit procession to the location where in World War I a Latvian Riflemen brigade had broken the German front.

Besides the museums involved nationwide - about 120 - open last night were both the Cabinet of Ministers and the Saeima building. There were queues at both. Visitors at the former were welcomed by Prime Minister Laimdota Straujuma, and they were given the unique opportunity to have a look at the gifts former Latvian PMs have received from foreign dignitaries.

Over 3,000 people visited Saeima last night, where an event was held in tandem with the Latvian Olympic Committee. Guests of honor were the Sochi Games medal winners from Latvia, and Saeima Speaker Solvita Aboltina presented to them Certificates of Merit.

The "Laima" Chocolate Museum is reporting a record number 1,500 visitors last night.


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