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Road Traffic Safety Directorate and State Police do not support "Critical Mass" cycling event

The annual cycling event "Critical Mass"
Considering that the annual cycling event "Critical Mass" will bring together a great number of cyclists on the streets, and occasionally conflict situations can occur between them and other traffic participants, the Road Traffic Safety Directorate and State Police urge participants in the event to respect motorists, pedestrians and each other, and follow the traffic rules.

Andris Lukstins, the head of the directorate, says that the aim of "Critical Mass" is to facilitate the development of the cycling infrastructure - which is in line with the directorate's priorities, however, the way the event is organized and run contradicts the directorate's vision of traffic organization.

At the present moment, mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and taking into consideration other traffic participants is in the focus. However, if the emphasis is laid on the needs and desires of a specific group of people, this will only aggravate the situation and not facilitate mutual respect in road traffic.

Participants of "Critical Mass" will gather on May 1, at 1 p.m. near the Daile Theater. Motorists should be aware of possible traffic jams and exercise extra caution while driving in the city center.


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