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Chichon will resume his collaboration with the choir "Latvija"

conductor Karel Mark Chichon
This week, conductor Karel Mark Chichon will resume his collaboration with the State Choir "Latvija", the choir's producer Ieva Vitina informed.

On Sunday, "Latvija", led by conductor Chichon in Saarbrucken, Germany, together with the German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra (GRPO), will offer Giuseppe Verdi's "Requiem".

From 2009 to 2012, Chichon was the chief conductor and the artistic director of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra (LNSO). Conducted by Chichon, "Latvija" has participated in various large-scale performances and concert versions of operas.

As reported, at the beginning of last year Chichon, chief conductor and artistic director of LNSO at the time, resigned from his position justifying it with lack of support. Afterward, the LNSO continuously worked without an artistic director and a chief conductor.

For "Latvija", this will be the first collaboration with the GRPO. Vocalists like Leah Crocetto - soprano, Luciana D'Intino - mezzo soprano, Ho-yoon Chung - tenor, and Donnie Ray Albert - bass, will participate in the performance.

A live online stream of the concert will be available for listeners on the German Radio SR2 internet site "www.sr2.de" at 12 o'clock (German local time).


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