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New movie ''Dream Team 1935'' very popular among Latvian movie goers in opening week

Aigars Graube. Photo: Diana Lozko/LETA.
 RIGA, Nov 27 - The new Latvian movie ''Dream Team 1935'' (''Sapnu Komanda 1935''), which is about the Latvian basketball team which became the first ever European champions that year, has been very popular among Latvian movie goers since it was released last week.

In the first week, the movie has already attracted 11,855 cinema goers throughout Latvia.

The movie made its debut on November 19 in Riga. The movie can currenlty be seen at the ''Splendid Palace'' and ''Forum Cinemas'' in Riga, as well as at the local movie theater in Valmiera (northeastern Latvia). From November 23, the movie will be shown at the ''Cinamon'' movie theater in Riga, as well as in cinemas in Liepaja, Daugavpils, Sigulda, Ventspils, Talsi, Madona, Smiltene and Saldus.

Aija Ansone from the ''Platform'' film company told LETA that there was huge interest in the movie this past weekend. ''There were even some persons who showed up to see the movie, but were turned down because the showing was completely sold out,'' Ansone said.

As LETA observed, there were long-lines to purchase tickets to the movie at the ''Splendid Palace'' movie theater this past weekend. All of the movie showings were eventually sold-out.

There was also loud applause fromt the audience after each showing, LETA observed.

Ansone also confirmed that the movie has received much praise from movie goers, and that there was an applause from the audience after every showing.

According to information from ''Forum Cinemas'', the Latvian movie was the top grossing movie this past weekend, and beat out all of the Hollywood movies being shown.

The movie was director by Aigars Graube, who also directed the well-known Latvian movie ''Defenders of Riga'' (''Riga's Sargi'').

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