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"Balta nakts" culture forum kicks off in Riga tonight

Photo: sponsorking.lv.
RIGA, Sept 7 - Tonight, the contemporary culture forum "Balta nakts" (White Night) will be held in Riga, offering Rigans and city guests 57 contemporary culture projects in the city's center and its vicinity.

This year’s slogan is “Open Your Doors”. Various events will take place in the city's center, Old Town, the Spikeri Quarter, Miera Street, VEF territory and Pardaugava, as well as the suburbs of Sarkandaugava, Teika, Smerlis and Vecmilgravis.

"Balta nakts" events will include cinema screenings, theater shows, exhibitions, concerts, poetry readings, multimedia and interactive projects, creative workshops and others.
"Balta nakts" is one of the most democratic and widely attended cultural events in Riga.

The forum is part of the transnational European Nuit Blanche project, launched by five European capitals – Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Riga and Rome. Its mission is to raise awareness of contemporary cultural expressions.

"Balta nakts" is organized by the Riga City Council in collaboration with the most active Latvian cultural organizations, involving many Latvian and foreign artists. The city’s cafes, galleries, bookshops, clubs and other businesses are also active contributors. 
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