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I did not see commitment from government today to make brave decisions - ''Liepajas metalurgs'' shareholder

Sergejs Zaharjins (L) and Latvian Prezident Andris Berzins. Photo: LETA.
 RIGA, March 26 - The largest shareholder of joint-stock metallurgical company ''Liepajas metalurgs'' Sergejs Zaharjins said after today's government meeting that he did not see a commitment from the government to make brave and unordinary decisions in support of the company.

''We can continue to work as we are now, but our financial situation is deteriorating by the day. Thus we must decide on support as soon as possible,'' Zaharjins said.

Zaharjins wishes for a sort of ''club of creditors'' to be created, which would include power-utility company ''Latvenergo'' and the State Treasury. He added that ''Liepajas metalurgs'' would need to have voting rights if something like this is established.

''We are prepared to work with all of the lenders, but a decision must be made immediately,'' Zaharjins pointed out.

Zaharjins did not make anymore comments, only adding that an official decision by the government must now be awaited.
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